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Sep 24, 2010
A New Perspective

Every now and then you need a fresh perspective. I have been enjoying the wonderful beauty of the Canadian Rockies. The views, the wonder, the breath-taking power of it all.

I needed this break from the routine. I am finding that I need breaks like this more and more. I am convinced that most of what we do is "chasing the wind".

I think most of what denominational executives want from their pastors is irrational and irrelevant. I am positive they promote burnout and lack of self care. I heard on supervisory executive tell a group of pastors they should work 65 hours a week. Most of the effective group were already doing that and it was killing them. I think 35 hours is ample. But I am not in the business of keeping the coffers of the denomination full. I am in the business of trying to equip, empower and release the Church (God's people) for their ministry.

So this week I am encouraging you to take a break.

What is really important to you?
What is your passion?

find it
live it

breath deeply