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Sep 14, 2020
Useful Idiots

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
Lean not upon your own understanding..

Proverbs 3:5

Your (and my) own understanding is not God’s.
Today’s You Version devotional was spot on.

Remember when your 21-year-old self did really stupid stuff? When you were 35 you thought, “that was stupid”. then at 45, you thought the same about your 35-year-old self. I have to tell you it will happen again at each mile stone. Most get smarter with time. a few never do. In many ways, we are still “idiots.” Each time we lean hard on our own understanding we decrease wisdom. I can still be an idiot, a lot.

It is just like the Bible to teach “timeless” truths. I know in Seminary we were taught that this Bible has ‘truth’ (with a small t-not universally true and barely tolerable) and occasionally Truth (capital T—these were truths we liked). We learned in Seminary to lean heavily on secular understandings, the latest fads, psychological/sociological stuff. But in most courses, the “Word” was treated as a 2nd class citizen, which must be interpreted to fit our more sophisticated and learned perspectives. Idiots!

The sorrowful part is so many (even so-called Christians) ignore God’s word completely. I used to say that 90% of what the existing churches in America believe, say, and do was completely against God’s word. I now say its more like 99.9%. And since Christians are mostly irrelevant to American Society, walled up in their homes, fearful, in panic, selfish, and “leaning heavily” on their own understanding, they are “idiots.” (and not in Dostoyevski’s sense—its a great book)…Paying “pastors” to secularize you to irrelevancy is idiotic. Paying anyone to “work” for God is frankly stupid. Sitting in a hall, listening to some “seminary” trained idiot tell you how to live (when 90% of them don’t have a clue—-I am being generous here) is a recipe for destruction.

Years ago after an Easter Service, I was approached by an older woman (60+). She said, “our previous pastor said the resurrection didn’t happen. The best you can hope for is to die on a day when God is in a good mood. You said today that God loves us and that resurrection is real and when we die God will welcome us to heaven if we believe in Jesus. Who is right?” Yes, the previous pastor was a seminary educated idiot. I said, “What does the Bible teach because humans are idiots most of the time? It doesn’t matter what I say or what the previous idiot said.

Take any subject. What does the Bible say? Compare it to what you think and believe. If you don’t understand why “turning the cheek” is preferred to war, you are an idiot. If you think lying, stealing, destroying others' property or life, fornication, adultery, abortion, (to name a few) are okay, you are an idiot, leaning on your own understanding and you are sowing to the wind. You will reap the tornado.

So much of the United States is now “leaning heavily” on their own understanding, an understanding distorted by a media that lies, politicians that want to destroy us and who hate freedom, systems that make no sense, and a pseudo belief in pseudoscience which is not science but a lie, a distortion of reality. For example: Can XX Chromosomes ever migrate/transmigrate to XY ? Is bacterial on Mars really considered life but a beating heart in a woman’s womb is just a mass of cells which up to 9 months later can be extinguished and this is not considered murder?

As long as we rely on our own understandings we remain idiots. Polictically useful idiots to use a phrase from Marx.