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Sep 11, 2006
September 11--Five Years Later

We all know where we were.
We all remember how we felt.
We have cried, wondered, questioned.

But, have we learned to pray?

I am fearful that with all of today's special services, with all the tv shows to "tell us what happened", with all the focus, it might be very easy to hate.

I sat with a soldier last week, just back from Iraq. He told me about the all the great people he met, Muslim and Christian alike, who want peace, who want the craziness to stop. He told me how these crazy people who twist God into a demented animal who they claim wants to kill people are behind the violence.

When he said that to me, I knew immediately that what he was calling God could not be God. Jesus said, the "thief comes to steal, kill and destroy." The thief has already convinced many people that death and revenge are viable ideas. Much like those who lie, deceive to destroy the lives of others. Those who do such things are not followers of God. They follow the thief, the destroyer, the serpent of old and one day they will see the error of their ways.

"Don't be deceived. Whatever you sow you will reap."

I would invite you to turn from anger, from revenge, from hate to pray. Pray for others. Pray for our Muslim brothers and sisters. Pray for those that hate and lie. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, Baghdad, Tehran, Washington. Pray!