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Sep 06, 2005
Hurricane Relief


All I want to do is weep. So much sadness. So much pain. So much loss. And we fuss about things like high gas prices, or long lines. As is the case with so much in life, we focus so hard on our own life we have a hard time empathizing with others.

To know that the water will hurt you, even it if just touches you!!!! I don't think we have seen this in this country before. It is terrifying.

I have heard many say, "I want to go help". Great. Can you plan on that for March or April or later next year? That is when there will be much to be done, but most will have developed amnesia about Katrina by then.

Right now they need your money. So give to a large organization that will make sure that at least 95 cents of each dollar gets to the people. Many organizations only give 50-70 cents per dollar given. I don't mind making a profit, but not now, not here, not on the backs of those who have literally lost everything.


All I want to do is weep...but I will pray instead.