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Sep 05, 2006
It Can Happen Where Your Are!!!!

At a recent two day event for pastors I was blessed to share some “hints” from my book “If It Could Happen Here.” What blessed me was the openness and eagerness of the attendees to wrestle with these concepts and their implications. Many said to me how they were helped to understand God’s great love for all humankind and how established congregations can be a part of that adventure.

One person asked me what I might offer to a pastor who has served faithfully, working hard and devotedly but who has “never had it happen here?” It was with a heavy heart that the question was asked. It was with integrity and a passionate longing for answers that the question was put forward.

How would you answer?

It has been four years since that first book was released. So much has happened to change my world and my understanding of ministry. Yet what has not changed is the deep yearning in many people’s heart for a life of significance. In or outside of an established congregation the quest is the same, “what is my purpose?” Everything begins with a prayerfully discerned purpose, an answer to the question, “why am I here?” Most people don’t have an answer to that question. While there may be many minor purposes (raising children, making a living), there can be only one “purpose” for life. For example, I make a living to enable me to live out my purpose. I raise my children to be people who will own that purpose and live it for themselves. So I ask you, “What is that one purpose in your life?”

Second, what are you principles? What are the beliefs and values that determine your life? I don’t mean what do you wish they were. I mean, what are they? How do they run your life? Positively or negatively?

Your walk (how you live) must match your talk (what you say). It is crucial that there be little variance between what you say and how you live. If you value teams, live team. If you value prayer, pray. If you value small groups, start or join one. "What you do speaks so loud I can't hear what you say."
Our churches, denominations and personal lives will never be what God has intended for us if we violate our principles or forget our purpose.

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Purpose + Principles + Passion= It Can Happen Where You Are