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Sep 04, 2011
College Socialists

I am not usually very political. But I am very worried.

I was born into a democratic family. I was told the democrats look out for the “little guy”. But my parents were always talking poor. And my father had a clever way with taxes, even claiming our dog a for a few years.

As I grew, I saw more clearly that most the leading democrats were extremely wealthy. The Kennedy’s, Sam Irwin, Bill Clinton. Extremely wealthy. So how come they were looking out for the little guy and sending all our factories oversees? How come they were looking out for the little guy and closing all the factories down here with excessive regulations and taxes? How come the little guys now all work for the government and make lots of money with huge benefits? How come little guys and gals who own their own businesses complain to me every day about the excessive burden placed on them by the democrats (extremely wealthy democrats at that--George Sorros)?

So now I am a Tea party member. I want lots less government. I want lots less taxes. I want left alone. i don’t want to spread the wealth around by force. I’ll bet you I give more to charitable causes than you or ten of your friends (by see I am still a “little guy”). I don’t want Washington or Harrisburg tell me what I can do. I want a free market not socialism.

here’s a story I heard recently...its long, so bear with it.

A 19 year old college student came home for fall break and complained to the father and mother about their affluent life style, their fancy vacations and the cars they drove. The college student said, “we need to spread the benefits around so that all people will have health care and the opportunity to experience the wonders of life. it just isn’t fair!. We must live more simply that others might simply live.”

The mother asked, “how are things at college for you?”

The college student replied, “Good. I work my butt off, study all the time, want to do my best and I have a 4.0 average. I don’t get out much or party often, but I am learning a great deal.”

“Great” said dad. “how’s your roommate doing?”

“Parties all the time, is out late every night. Barely has a 2.0 average. But enjoys college life more than me. But, I’m not sure if those grades will allow a second semester.”

Mom said, “well, you could give her one of your grade point averages, that way you both would have a 3.0 and not have to worry about getting a new roommate if this one fails out.”

“WHAT!, give one whole grade point average away. I work hard for that and they party. That isn’t fair. It doesn’t even make sense.”

“Ah, now you see the conservative point of view about economics. Its a hard lesson, but when you take away the incentive to succeed, the entire society fails. That is why the only place Socialism and Communism really works anymore is on American College Campuses. And even there it really isn’t communism, tenured professors make more than the associates or adjuncts or teaching fellows.”

We must end the mad rush to socialism in our government.
We must wake up before this government creates class wars. It isn’t about class or skin color. It is about the incentive to succeed and the ability to do that without the government destroying the free market way of life.