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Sep 03, 2013
Perelandra Revisited

I have spent the summer renewing my acquaintance with CS Lewis. I have recently read "Out of the Silent Planet" and I am almost through "Perelandra". I remember reading this classic science fiction piece 40 years ago. I was younger, dumber, and naive at the time. Now when I read it I see so much more application to our current situations.

We, the country and the church (the called out ones) have allowed the small bit of truth and the logic of this world to thoroughly pervert our reasoning/thinking and therefore our actions. We act as if we really know better, better than those before us and even better than God. We have fallen and continue to fall--all the while we say we stand. We have lost sight of our purpose--all the while we spend hours crafting purpose statements. We have abandoned our principles--all the while we have made more laws, rules and obligations we can't keep. And we have said that God will bless that which God has forbid…Sexual immorality, obesity, crime, dysfunction, greed…the list goes on. We have taken the small bit of truth and railroaded it into a huge lie.

We are soon coming to a place where anything associated with Truth will be banished, ridiculed, and killed. We are soon coming to a place where will take a small bit of truth and allow it to negate everything God has done (creation, redemption, salvation, preservation, sanctification).

I admit, I had swallowed the small bit of truth and did not realize again (until Lewis gave me a headache in Perelandra) of how the enemy has so polluted our minds, our thinking, our conduct.

We are soon coming to a time (in the church and in the country) where we will have to "do something about this." And even as i write I am aware that any who think this way will be cast out, mocked, ridiculed…and worse our children will be treated likewise. Never-the-less we have to "do something" about this.

more next week