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Oct 30, 2007
For All the Saints

The end of October brings "All Hallows Eve" and "All Saints Day", November 1st.
When was the last time you had a party to thank all the hard workers in your church? These people give selflessly of their time and energy (and money) to support their church. Sure they may not have a clue about the purpose or principles that this congregation will live by, but they are there day after day, doing what a pastor (50 years ago) told them was their duty: Show Up: Pay Up: and if they are nice, Shut Up.

I like to remember all the saints, not just those who rest from their labors (although that is important too). I like to have a party and thank all those people who give their heart and soul for this congregation. I want to look them in the eye, see their gifts and service, and say THANK YOU!.

So many pastors screen out their best people trying to get the “right look or age”. I know of a prayer warrior who was turned down because he didn’t have the right “look or behavior”. I know it broke his heart. Somewhere there is a congregation that wants all God’s people, not just the beautiful. Somewhere there is a caring congregation that loves all its people, not only the compliant. Somewhere there is a congregation willing to be used by God to win their world.

Do you know where that congregation is?

This Sunday look out at the people before you. There is the congregation I am talking about. It is right there. Can you see it? Can you believe it? ‘
That caring, passionate congregation is right under your nose.

Tell the saints thank you for me!