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Oct 28, 2010
We've done some great things, but...

I was trained in my doctoral studies that "when ever a person tells you one thing and then uses the conjunction "but", that person has just negated everything they said before."

We've done some great things, but" actually means, "we haven't done too well".

I love her/him, but" means, I really don't, Im not sure.

I want this marriage but" means, I have someone else on the side.

Sad to see so many running for office who tell us how great they are, but...

as long as I am ranting, if one more person tells me to "look" or "listen" I think will simply walk away.

"look"--I am looking. I am seeing. the use of that phrase is such a "one upping". I won't stand for it.

"listen"--I am listening. The fact you don't make sense isn't my problem.

I can't out spend my income. anyone in government who suggest we outspend our income should be forced to quit.

Ford didn't need the bailout. Politicians needed the bailout.

It is time to follow the advice of Slime O'realy ( the new Sesame Street news caster) and kick the whole load of incumbents out of DC.