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Oct 21, 2008
A Few Questions on Worship (answers next week)

Cruising YouTube today, I watched two separate vids on worship. I have some questions.

How come we are so divided about worship?
How come liberals are so intolerant of worship change?
How come conservatives are so upset about contemporary worship?

Could it be the answer is the same to the above questions?
Could it be that as second or third generations away from a transformational encounter with the Risen Jesus we have lost sight of the object of our worship and instead now worship our “familiar” styles instead of the living God?

How come I am at home in any style of worship, neither hating nor loving the style, only desiring to live daily with the God Who is and Who is not silent and Who will not be reduced to a style?
How come I encounter God in wonderful ways in any group of Christians, no matter of their theological or sociological positions?
How come God seems to be everywhere, loving us, calling us?
How come we don’t hear, instead preferring to bicker and fight over trivial things?

What do you think?