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Oct 19, 2009
Don't Fight With People Who Say They Are Christians

I've had lots of opportunities to fight with people who say they are Christians but who, no matter their degrees or titles, don't live or act like Christians. Many people I know who have all kinds of letters after their names (and who won't let you forget all those letters) are up to their necks in bad fruit. They lie, cheat, steal, kill and destroy, as they are imitators of their originator (John 10:10a).

In thinking about what to do with these wonderful, churchy, robed and degreed people I have been praying. I have known the answer, but wanted to put it in a way that might be helpful to all you out there who fight with or against so "called Christians" (how I am beginning to hate that name--I think Dr. Tim Johnson had it when he wrote, "I don't call myself a Christian, that is a bad name in our world, I prefer to call myself a 'Follower of Jesus'.") I would prefer that too, except many will soon adopt that and I'd just have to change again.

Well I saw Perry Noble talk about this recently. What a great post...go watch it then live it.

out love them
Out live them....
out fruit them.....

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