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Oct 17, 2012
You really must vote

The election is days away.

I can't stand by and do nothing.

I must urge you to vote. You really must vote.

I think the fate of our freedoms, our country, lie in the balance.

I believe the men and women who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor deserve our participation in this electoral process.

I don't know who will win.

I do know that whoever wins will:
face a tough future.
either save or destroy our way of life
will tax us to death or create jobs
will preserve the Bill of Rights or amend it
Will appoint either two radical Justices to the Supreme Court or find Constitutional experts.
Will divide us by race and class and then conquer us or will attempt to bring us together.

I do know that whoever wins, God is still on the throne and once again God may call for many of us to make the ultimate sacrifice to preserve freedom. If it was okay for the Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Henry to pick up arms to rid themselves of a system that was corrupt and abusive, it is okay for us to do that too. Buy lead, not gold or silver.

To that end I Pledge Allegiance to the US of A. I will defend her, protect her and if necessary use force to do so.

You might feel differently. I defend your right to that and to speak your mind freely about that.

As C. S. Lewis said, "Christian have different opinions about Government. That doesn't make either one right or wrong." (Similar thoughts can be found in his book The Problem of Pain)

so please vote on November 6th. (unless you are voting for the wrong guy…in which case, please vote on November 7th).