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Oct 17, 2005
CD review: Chris Tomlin "Arriving"

Chris Tomlin Arriving

Rated the best worship CD of 2005, "Arriving" is all that and more. Each song reveals both the heart of God and the heart of this worship leader. This is the DOVE praise and worship album of the year for 2005. You won't be disappointed.

You can go to his web site (high speed recommend for the video/audio) . Lots of great information for worship leaders.

And check out the location of the "Indescribable Tour" with Matt Redman and Louis Giglio...You might want to check out the Redmond, Washington (November 11,12) event where Chris and Matt will be leading workshops as well hosting a worship event the second night. Check out for all the information.

If I were to go to one event this year as a worship leader, this would be it. The teaching would be worth ten times what they are charging and the worship will be wonderful, inspirational and transformational.

Back to the CD:
Each song is inspirational. Each song will be heard in worship settings around this nation. From "Indescribable" to "How Great is our God" to "Your Grace is Enough" to "King of Glory", the worship is all directed at our wonderful God. You will find encouragement, new passion and the transforming power of God active in each track. "Arriving" concludes with "You Do All Things Well"--what a great way to end a CD that begins with "Indescribable".

"Imagination runs wild
and breaths the breath of life
Across the fields, across the miles.
You made it all
Said “Let it be”
and there was all that we see
The sound of your voice
the works of your hand
You do all things well."