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Oct 11, 2010
Purpose, Again

Got my monthly issue of "Wood and Steel", the magazine produced by Taylor Guitars. This issue features Stephen Curtis Chapman and the new 714 edition of the Taylor guitar that Chapman likes so well. This edition features art from his daughter, who was tragically killed a few years ago. Great articles abound.

But what caught my eye was the opening article by the CEO. He talks about Purpose--yes Purpose again. Taylor Guitars is what they are because they are dedicated to their purpose, passionately dedicated to their purpose.

It is really simple. As followers of Jesus we have one purpose. Nothing else matters. Most of what you call important, most of the outward forms of religion are ways we have sold out our souls and abandoned our passion for this one purpose. The reason we are closing thousands of churches a year is because we exchanged the truth (Jesus and his love for us ) for lie (church buildings, money, denominations, British hierarchal systems, huge gatherings, two classes of people, clergy) a long time ago.

So it is, as it has been, always about purpose.

What is your purpose?

Are you living it?

if not, why not?