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Oct 06, 2005
I Met a Mission Mover

I met a guy a week ago who had the all ingredients you would ever want in a pastor:

Hard working
Well kept
Entrepreneurial (had a Subway franchise at 18, now runs three business, multinational)
Committed to excellence—personally and every member of his staff
Team oriented
Mission Driven
Permission giving
Fun Loving—loves jazz-

And his new company is going to sky rocket—found the right people, for the right job. He recruits well
He equips well
He coached better
He leads even better.

And he didn’t bitch about anything!

Wow! A Real Mission Mover

I wonder, would he hire me? You?

I wonder, would you or I match up?

What is missing?

And why do you think he is not a “pastor”?

Clues next week.