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Oct 05, 2012
The Times They Are A Changing

I think Dylan had it right. Every day is different. Every day full of challenges/opportunities. And no matter what, the times they are a changing.

I find myself wondering, in all of this change, what is happening to those who follow Jesus? We are being pulled, pushed, pressured, on all sides. We have great leaders, innovative leaders, small and large congregational pastors, prophets, visionaries all pointing in different directions. I go a bit crazy trying to discern the truth in each lie, the lie in each truth.

And I for one am convinced that things are so far from where they ought to be that there is really little we can do about it.

so I have resisted writing the book that I think will expose much of this nonsense. I keep hoping someone else will write it so I don't have to.

but now I am ready.

I know I don't have most of it right. I know there is a huge conflict inside me. I do what I ought not. I don't do what I ought. Trouble is Im not sure which is the best way or what is or ought to be anymore. Well thats not quite true...I think I just flies into the face of much of what I have lives, learned, and thought for the last 26 years.

so in the next few weeks I will finish this book. I will send it to a few (for free) to read, critque, chop up and refine. If you want a copy...let me know.

till then I will do what I do know..

Love Jesus
serve others
fight for freedom
and it might make a few people angry...well maybe a lot of people.