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Past Updates

Oct 01, 2007
Eagles Wings

Went camping and hiking last week. Needed to get away, to exercise, to sit around the camp fire with my wife and dream. What a great time.

We hiked down a very steep canyon into a river gorge. I was a beautiful hike and we came across lots of wildlife (deer, turkeys, squirrels and I think 1000 chipmunks. On the return climb we took numerous breaks and on once such break happened to look out over the vista and at that exact moment a Bald Eagle flew by. Wow! In a moment I was renewed, inspired, awed and sensed one of those Divine Intersections.

It has been a season of learning, hard climbing, growing in grace, discerning what is true what is false. It has been a season of distilling the grain, aging the wine, and learning what is good and what is dross. So much of what we do is purely a waste of time and energy. So much of what churches do is a waste of energy, resources and worse, time.

Today it is my hope that you and your spouse would take a few moments to “enjoy each other.” Today it is my hope that as you make your way up or down the valley of life that you will turn and see that Eagle.

I will mount up with wings like the Eagle!

Have a great week!