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Nov 25, 2015
Happy Thanksgiving

If the liberal bullshit was true we would still be a British colony, paying taxes to a crony king, and living in fear. Perhaps not living in fear is the ability to speak truth about religion, pathological murderers and liars and about politicians who go to Washington poor and get rich. I don't live in fear. Nor do I shy away from pain. Neither will I surrender my God-given rights as outlined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. So the Kenyan or any other politician can say all they want. They can pass any law they want. The Constitution usurps them all. I have one thing they don't have, I'm not afraid to die for these things. You cannot take away freedom from a person who knows this world is not their home. The grand experiment known as democracy will come to an end. It will make the bloodshed of the Civil War seen mild. Obama, Bloomberg, Clinton, or any pansy assed liberal can say anything they want well they are protected by armed guards. They can say confiscate the guns. They can say "fill the country with people who want to destroy our freedoms and our liberty." I say bring it on. I say come and take my liberty if you can. If you can make it up my driveway and I'm out of ammunition you're welcome to my guns, my Bible, my life. As the devout Christian and church elder, Patrick Henry said, "Give me liberty or give me death." I wish more Americans with stand up this Thanksgiving and echo Henry's words so loud that the fools in Washington, And people across the globe would recognize liberty is worth standing up for, freedom is worth dying for. Happy Thanksgiving enjoy your freedoms why do you still have them.