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Nov 25, 2014
thoughts for troubled times

God is not mocked. What ever you plant you will reap. You can't plant corn and expect to harvest cotton. You can't sow fire and not reap an inferno. You can't sow violence and reap peace. You can't expect a lawless generation to have law and order. You can't expect to have a liar in the highest places of government and expect anyone to obey that government.

I would never charge a cop. Even Chris Rock knows that you sow crazy stuff and reap sanity.

Are there problems in this country? Sure. Lots.

Years of hypocrisy by the church has left the church in American as mostly weak, ineffective, irrelevant and lukewarm at best. It is time for its demise and removal from the financial drain it places on its members.

Years of the government bloating itself and stealing the future of the country has left this great nation at the precipice of collapse. Illicit sexual acts in the Oval Office; deception at the highest level; government officials who think we are stupid; attempts to destroy the constitution; more people on government assistance than working; It is time for a revolution, it is time to people of all colors/races to stand up for truth and honesty. Theft is not protest. Immorality sown is immorality reaped. Destruction of private property (of racial minority) is not protest. It is immoral.

It is time for a revolution. Im praying it happens soon.