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Nov 22, 2010
Yep Its Christmas

It is Christmas time again.

Choirs preparing (already had our Christmas/holiday Concert--it was a blast).
TV Ad's are screaming.
People will be spending money they don't have for things they don't need for people they may or may not care about for reasons they haven't got a clue about.

Yep its Christmas.

Itunes has the Beatles! Yep its Christmas.

Counseling office packed...
People Depressed
kids getting anxious
Hunting Season almost over

So what are you going to say this Christmas? What hasn't been said?

I am reading Dickens again...its an old friend I visit once a year for the last 30 years. I have some of it memorized. Amazing to me how each year a different part speaks to me. I think they call it aging.

So in the hustle for all the services, parties, gift buying, depressed people, illness and death--it is my hope that you make room in your heart for Christmas present--"come in and get to know me, man!"

I'll be thinking alot of Christmas past and future too. Getting the trains out?

yep its Christmas!