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Past Updates

Nov 22, 2004
Welcome to

It is great to welcome you here. This sidebar will change often, just like life and ministry. I intend to offer you ideas which I have found helpful as we stand on the front lines of ministry in this very different, very challenging world.

I am passionate about the possibilities of the your congregation. I am excited by the possibilities you have to make real, life long changes in the people you work with and for. I hope each time you check here (or on the past updates) you find something to encourage you.

I was with a group of pastors recently and I asked them, "what about ministry do you enjoy?" One answered, "I would not put enjoy and ministry into the same sentence." OUCH!!

It is my goal to make that sentence disappear in your ministry. If you enjoy ministry, I want to help you make the most of your experience. If you aren't sure about your call or the direction ministry should go, I want to help you discern and follow your calling. If you are ready to exit professional ministry, I want to help you discover your first love and passion for ministry and make the necessary steps to transition to a fulfilling, life-giving, transformational ministry as soon as possible.

If I can help, email me I look forward to hearing from you.