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Past Updates

Nov 19, 2004

Great Question. And here is my answer.

This is about long-term relationships with leaders who care about the long-term health of their congregations. I am not interested in a quick fix or a one shot approach. I think your congregation deserves a consultant who will stay with you for the long haul. My minimum commitment to you and your congregation is for one full year. I am more than willing to work under contract for you for as long as you need. I am committed to a combination of both incremental and exponential change. Some things must be changed and some things must be left alone. Wisdom will discern the difference. I am so committed to long-term commitment that I will set fees that will make it a win-win situation for you and your congregation to have a long-term relationship with me.

This is about prayerful discernment and following the leadership of the Holy Spirit and not just the next new human fad. Prayerful discernment takes time and a willingness to seek God first in all things. This is about trusting God and walking by faith.

This is about the using the most effective tools possible to access your situations without going against the core values and bedrock beliefs of your congregation. Demographics, societal indicators, psychosocial perspectives, market analysis, trends and successful strategies of other congregations will be considered.

This is about innovations past “modern notions” of church and church business and back to the early church’s fixation on Jesus, relationships and helping pre-Christian people catch a glimpse of Jesus.

This is about caring for the leaders of congregations and entering into mentoring relationships designed to aid each person’s spiritual quest and journey. What good is it if the church grows by killing the staff? What good is it if the church attracts new people and kills off the dedicated staff (paid and non-paid)? What good is all the brick and mortar if people aren’t cared for?

So in this new era, using new strategies for understanding and implementing holistic empowering changes, I know that what I am offering is and will be different from other consultations.

If you would like to know more or be placed into contact with those who have used my services, I would glad to send you the names and phone numbers.