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Nov 15, 2005
Contemporary Christmas Music

I know its not Thanksgiving yet, but here is a head’s up. It is Christmas in less than six weeks….What are you going to do?

Someone recently asked me about how to go about celebrating Christmas in contemporary worship services. I have a few thoughts, hope one of them is helpful to you.

At Christmas, I always mixed in some carols. Most people know carols. I do fun ones (Frosty) and serious ones (Silent Night)

Some of the contemporary Christmas music is terrific. Stephen Curtis Chapman’s two Christmas disc are great...Great songs like:
This Baby,
Home for Christmas

We also try some “classical works” jazzed up. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
We always did a “contemporary, Casual Christmas eve service” too, used mostly the songs we had taught in the weeks before Christmas season.

There are some great new songs.
Michael W, Smith Christmas if great, as are Mirrah Carrie’s (you won’t believe how many songs she has written for Christmas, clearly her favorite holiday)

And most of the popular artists know the emotional pull of this time of year. You might only have one or two songs on any disc that might fit...but they are out there.

If you do old carols, experiment. Have fun. And watch for God to show up—like “in the bleak mid-winter”

Do you do a “blue Christmas” service? We usually did a service the Sunday before Christmas, in the afternoon, for those who lost a love one this past year. I don’t call it “blue Christmas”. I usually call it a “service of remembrance”. In the past few years I have teamed with the funeral directors in the town and done a similar service for them (in their place) for their clients. Great opportunity to rub shoulders with those in the town who don’t have much hope.

Hope that helps