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Nov 13, 2006
Focus on the One Thing!

Before you can make the community you worship with/in a thriving place of transformation, you must be clear about a few things.

Purpose and Principles: (see my blog

Purpose: Why are you (personally/corporately) here? What is your reason for being? Can you say it in 7 words or less.

Dee Hock writes there is no exception for being clear about your purpose. Lack of clarity will only lead to confusion. With a congregation lack of clarity about purpose will lead to division, pain, war, and other things not helpful for transformation.

Principles come in three forms:
Values: ways we can expect you will act, consistently, deliberately.
Beliefs: faith claims that uphold your life, upon which you trust and live
People: those who have gathered around the purpose and principles for the accomplishment of the purpose. you look at your life and your congregation, can you readily identify and state its' purpose and principles?

If not, before you do anything else, get clear about these things.
Nothing you try will succeed for long if there is not clarity and ownership of the purpose and principles.

Focus on the One Thing (see the book by Tom Schultz entitled "One Thing")

Shine Bright!