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Nov 09, 2011
You are Chosen

John 15:16 Jesus said, "I have chosen you."

Do you like to be chosen? I can remember the elementary school "games" where two captains had to alternative pick players for their team. I remember all to well how eager I was to be chosen and how disappointed some where to not be chosen. On one occasion I remember the teacher saying, "we can play until someone picks Mary and Steve." How would you like to be Mary or Steve in that situation?

I run into many Christians, even leaders in their congregations, who don't know they have been chosen. They "hope" they might be chosen. They "wish" they would know what it means to be picked. But they don't KNOW (yes, Im shouting).

Jesus loves you! He has chosen you! He has picked you. And you aren't the last one picked "so we can play the game." He has plan for you that you might go and "bear fruit and that your fruit would remain."

What an awesome plan.

If you are getting it that you are chosen, do me a favor.......go have a long talk with Jesus. Get this settled. You have been bought with a price. You belong to God in Christ. He has chosen you and has a plan for you to go and bear fruit that will not rot, but fruit that will remain.

If you aren't hearing this at your worship, schedule a time to talk with your pastor.

Read John 15 today.

Be blessed to know you are CHOSEN!