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Nov 02, 2005
For All The Saints

For all the saints who from their labors rest!

What a day! What a joy!

Even Paul said, "I desire to depart and be with the Lord."

I know that many of you on the front lines feel that way sometimes. Sometimes the battle is too hard, the war too painful, the friends you thought you had turn on you, the members of your own team hurt you, your own army shoots you when wounded.

Those who have gone before us knew these things too. They wrote of these pains, these wounds, these wrongful acts of sinful humankind. Paul wrote, "consider these momentary light afflictions"...

Momentary--this world is brief. Yesterday my son was born, today he is twenty, tomorrow I will be 70.

Light--they really aren't that heavy. They are painful, but most are not fatal. Although for some followers of Jesus just making that decision is a life and death choice. Most of us in America can live openly and freely for Jesus. Sure the walk gets painful, but the lies and the hate of those around us is really nothing compared to what others are facing. And Paul faced death and called it "light".

Afflictions--yes they come. Board members who are cruel, sr. pastors who are control freaks, associates who are always out shining you, lay people who want to play and not sit the bench, committees who count beans and don't care if anyone every has a life changing experience with Jesus.

consider them...consider them nothing compared to the promise that waits for us which those who have gone before us are now rejoicing in.

For all the saints...for you, for those who have gone before, for those yet to come...