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May 31, 2020
Two perspectives on Current Events

Yesterday, May 30...two views.

Space X is in orbit. What an amazing thing motivated, gifted, intelligent Americans have done. The booster successfully carried two men into space and then landed on a drone ship, “Of course I Love you”. The mission, full of risks, has begun. Humans have always sought out new journeys. It’s great to see the marvelous achievement. .And for you “flat earth people”, that round thing you see from the cameras is earth...its round, just so you know.

Riots all over the US. MLK jr. Said, “violence always begets violence”. His foundation being Ghandi and Jesus and his approach was always non-violent. It is what commends MLK Jr. To so many. What I am seeing is pure and simple, unrestrained violence by a few violent people-who obviously don’t share MLK’s worldview or mine. Come to burn my house down and tell you family your will be on a trip to stand before the only ONE who can judge you...I will simply protect my life, my family, my friends and my property. Know I am not afraid.

Jesus said, “the thief comes to kill, steal and destroy.” When we engage in any of the aforementioned activity’s, you forged an alliance with the enemy of humankind. When you push your violence on others, you will reap violence back, 25 fold, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing. It is God’s economy. Give and you shall receive. If good, overflowing. If evil, overflowing.

So one perspective is marvelous. One is terrible. One is life. One is death. Choose life. Are their wrongs to correct...Yep. Are their injustices? Yep. Is it frustrating? Yep. Does that give anyone the right to violence? Nope. It is not the color of our skin that determines our outcomes, it is our choices for good or for evil. Both good and evil are blind to skin color. Both have a reward, a return of investment. Sow to the wind....reap a hurricane.