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May 31, 2007
Marriage Month

June is the month for marriages. The grass is green, the flowers in bloom, the sanctuary is ready, the bride and groom are about to take the step that will determine so much of their future.
And there is good news on the marriage front. The divorce rate is dropping. It is currently back to 1970ís levels. Of course one reason the divorce is dropping is the marriage rate is dropping too. Thatís right, fewer people are getting married each year. So it only follows that if fewer are getting married, fewer would be getting divorced. Second marriages are up, however. Isnít that strange. After the pain of a divorce, people are still ready to try ďitĒ again. And there is good news here too. More second marriages are making it work.
Some point to more preparation for marriage as a key to the success of marriage. Others argue that people are waiting until they are older to marry. Those who wait until they are 26 or older are much more like (70% more likely) to have a fulfilling, life giving marriage.

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