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May 30, 2010
Honor to those who deserve honor

Today is a day to give honor to those who deserve honor, who "more than life their country loved". Those who gave their all to protect and defend us.

I spent the night in Neward NJ and saw people from all over the world coming to this country for freedom. To those who give honor to the American way of life I am more than willing to welcome here and say, "live, enjoy the freedom". But like in "Saving Private Ryan", this freedom must be earned for each generation, each life, each person, each day.

To those who come to destroy us, using our freedoms against us, I say, "watch out". I am not willing to watch our freedoms destroyed in the name of "tolerance".

So this day, I too pledge my life, my fortune and my sacred honor" to this great experiement.

And I remember all those who gave their lives that I might have this freedom. To them I say, "thank you".