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May 26, 2008
Practical Help for Pastors---"Mentoring"

You have all the leaders you need: God put them in your congregation, right now!
That’s right. They are all there. God has arranged it so why not work with it. Why not develop these leaders to lead. Here is the simple (?) map.

Get out of the way.

(see Shirely Peddie, the Lost Art of Mentoring Josey Bass, 2001)

Lead. There is no substitute for leadership. You are the leader of some ministry. It is your first responsibility to begin on day one to train your replacements. (Thanks Tony). Day one you begin, not with the “Job” but with the greater task, finding and developing your replacements. God has placed you “in the church” for this reason. The moment you think you have been hired to do a task (preach/teach/lead/sing/ develop programs) you are fooled into the old trap and soon will find yourself so busy you won’t have time to find, let alone train, your replacements. So lead by actions and words. Find, recruit your replacements right away--Day one!

Follow. Train them, teach them, show them how to do what you do. Some will do better than you. Some will do 70% as well as you. Continue to train by walking with them, day by day. Help them to risk. Learn from their insights. Watch for coachable moments. Not everyone is coachable all the time.
When you are convinced that they can do it at least 70% as well as you can- GET OUT OF THE WAY. Allow them to do it. Allow them to make mistakes. Allow them to fail. It is part of the lesson.

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