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May 24, 2020
What is Truth?

I saw a post from a dear soul in Canada this am. She wants freedom (freedom of speech and freedom of religion) and sees government (local and federally) as a treat to freedom. And she doesn't want to "offend" anyone. I don't think you can protect anything if the number one fear is offending someone, unless you are the "all knowing media" and then you offend everyone who dares (How Dare YOU) to disagree with the pseudo science you cherish. It is the elephant in out society today. What is truth? Is there Truth? or is there only perspective and opinion? or is truth so hard to find, let alone define, that "i don't want to offend" is the only truth. Once that occurs you have what Canada and US currently have--very divided opinions by two or more sides to every issue--and then truth doesn't matter, only political power matters (which is what every politician knows). So take any big issue today. Most don't ask the truth about anything. Most repeat the talking point and then counter every article by saying "that is the right/left wing says about that." So you don't know truth, and almost can't know truth because my experience and your experience are so different. So name the pet subject you have. Then you are faced with a huge issue. What is truth? How do you know it is truth? All the experts I know have a very narrow and limiting experience. But most talk like they know something is "true". If you are a student of classical literature (rare today) you might have read (most have not even heard of these) some of these works...Aristotelicum, Nicomachean Ethics, Phaedrus, Meno, the Republic, or Symposium. Because of the vacuum in liberal education of classical reading for the last 30 years, classical works are disdained, logic is sacrificed and philosophy (thinking) has been replaced by medical "science" as the Queen/King of all knowing. And to get there, all we have had to do is sacrifice truth and replace it with opinion. For example: Facebook regularly censors material (as it has on me) because it is "false", even when the material is a word for word direct quote from someone who said, "pledge allegiance to a new world order"..the censor said, "they did not support a new world order." So the next time you or I are so sure our pet issue is the only way to view the world--know that many of us know you are full of crap. And crap, not truth, destroys freedom, and ushers all society closer to chaos, loss of freedom, poverty for all, and liberty only for those who rule us and don't keep the rules...Today that is mostly politicians and the media--who are full of illogical nonsense that so many think is truth...but there I've gone and done it---offended someone because I spoke verifiable truth--what the ruling elite say is not science, not verifiable, only a shitty guess..and fool many who- know almost nothing about the subject, won't/cant do the research necessary to verify, and believe lies they like and then think they know the truth.