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May 22, 2012
Surviving Church

I was eating breakfast with my wife at a nice coffee shop in town this Saturday when I overheard a phone call being made by the man at the next table. He was talking with a friend about his current situation; he was changing worshipping communities. For most of us that is a big deal, but not earth shaking. For this man it meant suffering the attempted ruination of his and his families entire life. You see he was attending the ONLY REAL congregation in the town. Ask their leaders, who like Joseph Smith, will tell you that the others are "all wrong" and that they are the only REAL Church in the area. So when you leave the only real church for one of the other wrong churches you can count on character assassination, distortion, lies, and every other slanderous thing you might think of being broadcast to the community. Yep Churches are like this all over the place.

I recently came across a web page that might be helpful to you to check out. Google Beavertown Grace (really!) Bible Church Survivors. Read this woman's story and the over 100,000 people who have hit the web page and read her account of how her church used and abused her.

I am more and more convinced that what we currently think of "church" is abhorrent and a gross deviation from the first century or anything the New Testament writers knew about believers meeting together. I am working of a book that I hope to have released (for free) this summer that outlines both the deviation and what I think is a possible correction.

Until then, spend some time reading Julie Anne's blog (
it might open your eyes more than you want.