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May 16, 2013
IRS gone crazy--Jesus is the Solid Rock

Jesus said there would days like this, days when the world doesn't make sense, when the things we used to trust would let us down and shake our world. Terror attacks are one thing. Natural disasters are another thing. But a government founded on Christian principles and built on truth, which are squandered and destroyed by those who want to destroy this country are another things. Im glad Jesus is the solid rock on which our faith, my faith, is built!

Part of me is concerned that if I say more.. I"ll be targeted by the Obama brown shirts, commonly called the IRS. part of me doesn't care. If you haven't seen Jon Stewarts show on Monday 5/13, watch it. He is correct. We can't trust this administration.

But neither can we afford to allow politics get in the way of reaching the world with the good news of Jesus.

So we have to keep a foot in both worlds. Read the Bible and the Newspaper…not to see how they interact, but to be able to address the current world with the unchanging good news of God's love in Jesus.

Governments, like people, are prone to power crazy, controlling, and manipulative behavior (that is sweet talk for evil). That is why God has given us minds and wills--to reign in the government. When the people fear the government (like the IRS) that is tyranny. When the people exercise their minds and wills the government (who we pay to serve us) should fear us…That is liberty.

And it is for liberty that we have been set free in Jesus, the Solid Rock!