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Past Updates

May 16, 2005
Delirious? World Service

How long has Delirious? been leading us? Going deeper, deeper in this thing we call worship? Yet each time they bring out a new CD I am ready to receive what they are offering to God. Whether it be the full blown praise or their quiet songs of great presence, I find their harmonies, words and passion draws me deeper, closer to the One who through “love will save again,” Each time I want that fire to grow in me, for others, as my “world service” to reach out to all those around us who have no hope, no sense of God’s love “raining down” on them, on us all!

World Service is no different. Each song draws, calls and leads us deeper. Majesty (Here I Am) and Grace Like a River prepare you for the plea, Rain Down. The hard drive, the great instrumentals, but even more the uncompromised clarity of their call for us to open up, to feel, to sense, to live from the Source.

My favorites:

So descriptive of the journey. Inside, outside, up above, inside, all over me. The wonderful sense of God’s awesome presence. I wonder are you still fascinated by Jesus? Are you still captivated? Have you given it all? Saturated, liberated in Jesus?

"I’ve been around the world and I never found a love like this.”

I think it is this passion, this deep drawing of our souls toward Jesus that makes the journey so compelling to me. It isn’t the logic, it isn’t the proof (proof? what a joke). It is the mystery, the journey, the love of One who is “all over me.”

Every Little Thing
Life can be terribly cruel, kindles, devastating. What do you do when all the dreams have crashed, when life is void of color? And who hasn’t faced these pains. We often think (and some say) that when you come to Christ all of life will be wonderful. Well that is not my experience, that is not the “normal Christian life,” In those times when life is “crashing down on you” there is someone, someOne who can carry you. SomeOne who carries us and who will make “every little thing” work together for God’s glory. Can you hear Jesus, the One who stands before you, saying, “If your world is without color, I will carry you.”

Majesty (here I am)
What a fabulous worship song! Elevates my heart to worship each time I hear it. “the greatest love of all is mine, since you laid down your life, the greatest sacrifice. Majesty…empty handed but alive in Your hand.”

If you like delirious, email me with the songs who have touched your heart.