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May 14, 2008
God is NOT Surprised!!!!

Do you think God is surprised or ashamed of us?

When we are lost in darkness, wounded beyond repair, addicted, fallen, down on our luck, or just plain ruined by life-- “if” we “find faith/see the light/come to Jesus/are born from above” we will be welcomed at most “Christian” churches with open arms. If not welcomed by the church, we are still told that God loves us “unconditionally.” About two months later, we begin to suspect God isn’t as fond of us as we were told. In fact, God is really close to throwing us out. “The road is narrow” and “few are on it” are used to “fear us into following” more closely, thus earning what was a gift.
To hear many religious leaders talk, you would think God questions all the time about these messy humans. Many of these people talk that they live lives of great faith and even greater faithfulness. And if you would think about disagreement with them, let alone honest confession of you/our/my failings, you would be asked to leave the building. “god is so ashamed of have let god must have faith...don’t be under the circumstances...god wants you to be successful (like me?)...and if you aren’t you must have a (choose one): Lack of faith, persistent sin, a rebellious heart or worse.

This kind of thinking comes from people who 1) aren’t sure who God is; 2) have not experienced God’s grace much; 3) want or need to control others (especially their money) or 4) are wickedly evil and pretend to follow God in order to reap (or is it rape) people who are sincerely trying to live for God.
So here is the crux of the matter.

God loves you/me completely and unconditionally. God knows everything. EVERYTHING. Therefore you can’t surprise/disappoint/catch off guard/hurt God’s feelings/or push God out of your life, no matter what you do.
Can’t you imagine God, the all knowing, all wise One, observing your life and remarking, “My that really surprised me. I never saw that coming. Never thought Jeff (or add your own name) would do anything like that?”
Jesus said “no one can snatch them (his followers) from his hand,” why do you/we/I worry so much. I think that is why Martin Luther said, “sin boldly”. God won’t be surprised. God won’t leave you. God won’t say, “hey, that caught Me off guard, so you’re toast.”

After all, God saw all that crap in your life long ago and loved you (and me) so much that he sent Jesus to live it out for us. The least we can do is live our lives out for God, boldly, bravely, risking love to the extremes. You might get burnt, friends and others you trust turn against you, religious folk will mis-understand you, and evil people may sue you. Its all worth it.

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