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May 13, 2012
a real Leader

Just finished watching "Ike-Countdown to D-Day". a Fair movie, fair acting, not too much drama.

But I was impressed with the qualities of real leader. I now know why he was elected President. I saw in this movie how his character made him not only a great leader, but a humble and honest person.

Qualities of a real leader:

It is not about him. He made this about what was best, best decisions, best Generals, best tactics, best information, best facts.

It is not about taking credit for something others do.

It is not about dividing people. It is about unifying people.

It is not about race, class, looks. It is about truth, democracy, individual responsibility.

I was struck with the vacuum of all the above qualities in our current leaders. I was struck that those wishing to take our current leaders spot, also fall short in most of these areas. Perhaps America is at the place where we want a Narcissistic, socialistic, race and class hater who always makes it about him or her.

I think its time to throw them all out and lets elect one of the Navy Seals that shot Osama Bin Laden.

I would rather trust those honest, brave and dedicated men, than the joker we have running the show now.

Watch the movie. You might like it.