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Past Updates

May 08, 2005

Take Courage.

I spent a few days last week with some pastors in Northern California. It was a great time for me. I think it was fun for them too.

What struck me the most is how much courage it has taken them to get to the place where a mainline denomination would trust them. Too bad. These are passionate hearts saddled with burdens, rules, hoops, committees that are looking for political correctedness. Fortunately a few months in the real world and most of that crap flies out the windows. There is something inherently distracting and damaging about most extremes.

These pastors, most of them second career people, have left good jobs, solid futures, for the risky business of being a pastor. Many of them work for almost nothing serving small congregations with huge problems. Most are skeptical the denomination will support them. Many are frankly mis-trustful of the denomination. But day after day they give their hearts, soul and mind for Jesus. They are willing to stand for what they know, what they have tasted, seen, experienced and lived. They were passionate to make Godís unconditional love in Jesus known in their towns, relationships and lives. That takes courage. It was a blessing to spend time among them.

So how is your courage today?

Think about it. Is ministry what you thought you were signing up for?

Iím sorry that no one told you how unfair it would all be. I am sorry that we sold you a bill of goods we canít deliver. Ministry is not glamorous. Living for Jesus is not flashy. There are no guaranteed results. Laying down your life for others is not convenient, neat or ďfunĒ. Instead it takes courage.

So take courage. Take the courage you have. Trust your intuitions, your instincts, the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life and go for it this week. Live your passion, unleash the power in your soul, allow God to renew your strength, fix your eyes on Jesus then embrace your call, your world.

Take Courage.