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May 07, 2021
3 Things

I have gone around the Sun one more time. Older each trip. I am concerned with 3 things. As I age, I seem to be narrowing my focus.

1. What is Jesus calling me to now, today. I have put off writing a book that I hoped would open the eyes of those who attend church regularly. I could talk at length about this book. I had hoped that it would set people free, free to follow Jesus to figure out what they are called to be. I am not sure I will finish it. Instead, I want to spend my time listening/doing…and Jesus has provided much for me lately. Grandchildren, Children, their lives, my best friend/spouse, our life together. Projects in China, India, Canada, and other places. The Chosen has helped me in this quest. As has Jorden B. Peterson, “Andrew Petty is dying” and knowing Jesus. (I think Mr. Peterson might not appreciate lumping him together with “The Chosen”…but both are revelatory to me. Please read his new book0>

2. The communist takeover of the USA. I am not sad about this, I am angry. I am angry that freedom is so easily surrendered for security. I watch the propaganda machine sow so much fear. And I watch so many uninformed uneducated and fear-driven people put on their masks and surrender their lives. I am ready for the conflict even though I hate war, I have been at war with secular bullshit for almost 50 years.

3. Life is so wonderful it is a shame that the coming war will result in so much death. So I am trying to enjoy life, push myself to experience the real meaning of life…love, faith, work, play. I am not buying green bananas. I am also not using my desire for more of life as an excuse for throwing away my mission, vision, and values. Life is terrifically and terrifying. Life has always been that way.

What three things have you and your life today???