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May 01, 2012
Why Does Your Worship Service Suck the Life out of Me?

1. I don't need to hear so many irrelevant announcements.
2. I don't think God has Alzheimer's. I don't he needs to be reminded about the 200 people who have the flu this week.
3. There is so little focus on Jesus.
4. There is so much focus on things that don't matter.
5. The choir is nice, but the ten people singing 1/3 higher or lower than the pitch really hurts my ears. Bless them for their energy. Help them listen. Not everyone can or SHOULD be singing.
6. The Sermon(s)...all seven of them...weren't very helpful. Like Mark Twain said, "if I had more time this would be shorter." Spend some time. Say 1 (one) important thing.
7. the music we sing together was written to be sung, not mumbled. How come no one sings?
8. 10 minutes to greet each other. Really? and no one really cares. Good morning...Good are you? Aweful! Well God bless you.
9. the people managing the sound don't have a clue how to do it? went from not hearing you to blowing my eardrums out. Rehearse. Do it well.
10. The coffee was terrible.
11. The children's sermon was the same as last week. "i don't know the question but I know the answer is Jesus."
12. Stop using all the religious words..."hallelujah, glory to God, praise God" are worship words, not irrelevant comments on every thought. "I had gas, glory to God" ought not to be an expression we use, ever.
13. just didn't leave me much air.
14. Offering
15. Bulletin...why print an order you aren't going to follow?

So....what about your worship service?

how many of the 15 things are true for you?

more than 5...deadly.