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Mar 30, 2012
Easter is coming....get ready!

Easter! Fortunately for us there is Jesus!

This is the week. This is why we are in ministry. God's love for the world revealed in Jesus. Read what Professor Charlesworth of Princeton Seminary wrote about Jesus;

"Jesus grew up in Nazareth.
He was baptized by John the Baptizer.
He was obsessed with doing God’s will.
He was intoxicated with another dimension and identified himself as a prophet.
He chose twelve men to be his disciples.
He was very close to Mary Magdalene.
He performed healing miracles.
He taught in synagogues (at the beginning only perhaps), small dwellings and on the fringes of villages (not cities).
In shocking contrast to many Pharisees and the Essenes, he associated with the outcasts, physically sick or impaired and social misfits.
He went to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover and worship within the temple cult.
He frequented the temple, worshipped there and taught in the porticoes.
When he was in Jerusalem he attacked some corruptions in the temple cult.
His meals were often religious events and his last meal with his disciples was at Passover time in Jerusalem.
He seems to have been betrayed by Judas and was certainly denied by Peter.
He was forcefully taken by some Jews, most likely some related to the cult.
He was crucified by Roman soldiers outside the western wall of Jerusalem.
He died before the beginning of the Sabbath on Friday afternoon."

BUT if that is all he did we are "of all people most to be pitied." Fortunately for us the story doesn't end there. Fortunately for us Jesus not only died but rose. Fortunately for us Jesus not only rose again but ascended into Heaven. Fortunately for us Jesus not only ascended but we have the promise that Jesus will one day return. Fortuneately for us there is Jesus.

Have a blessed Easter.

(James H. Charlesworth, “The Historical Jesus and Exegetical Theology,” The Princeton Seminary Bulletin, (Vol. 22, Number 1, New Series 2001): 46-63.
Some of what Charlesworth writes is essential (p. 49-50):)