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Mar 26, 2007
Top Ten Largest Churches

IN WOLRD Mag ( , March 24/31, 2007) on page 62 they list the “cities with the world’s largest churches”. So, in as much as we work in the church and we have great hopes for the church, and we wonder about the ability of the church to accomplish its purpose…” I thought, better tell people about this.


We all tend to think about how we might grow this church or that church. We all tend to rush in to the latest seminar offered by that “giant” church on this coast or that coast. Here is the kicker…you better find a new coast (Ivory) or move to Seoul, South Korea. I think a trip to Korea is in order. They might have something to offer us. Of course, “they” will all tell you “it” won’t work here. After all “those” people are (fill in the blank) _____________ and we are (again, fill in the blank on how those in North America are better, higher, more sophisticated) ______________. NOT! I wonder if any North American Church would even make the top 100 list.

So here is the list…
1) Yoido Full Gospel Church, Seoul
2) Works and Mission Baptist Church, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
3) Yotabeche Methodist Church, Santiago, Chile
4) Mision Charismatica Internacional, Bogotá, Columbia (my favorite)
5) Deeper Life Bible Church, Lgoa Nigeria
6) Elim Church, San Salvador, El Salvador
7) Nambu Full Gospel, Seoul
8) AOG Grace and Truth, Kyunggi-do, South Korea
9) Kum Ran Methodist, Seoul
10) Vision de Futuro, Santa Fe, Argentina

Looks like Christianity is exploding. Now I understand why the Americans are worried. Those (fill in the blanks) ______________ in other countries will upset the politically correct positions of those of us in North America. I recently heard the United Methodist don’t want to offer equality and parody (equal representation at General Conference) to the African church because they would out number and out vote the US Delegation. After all we are the “Christian” country? Wrong! I say, bring on the African, Korean, South Americans. I expect they are a better hope for this pagan land than anything we have at the current time.