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Mar 25, 2005
Sabbath Rest

The day is over. Good Friday is now just about past. The long wait of Saturday, Sabbath rest is upon us.

And I wonder, who is this king, this crucified one?

The Lord strong and mighty
The Lord mighty to save.
The earth is full of his glory
Each nation comes
Prepare the way

His love endures forever
His power without end
His strength the victories treasure.
Let all who call his name Prepare the way!

The horror of Mel Gibsonís passion was only a brief glimpse. Who is he?

I may be wrong. I may have it all wrong. My sight so narrow, my understanding so dim.

I donít, I canít figure it out.

But I know Jesus is this one, this Lord, this one who calls us to prepare the way.

I know his love endures. Through pain, illness, injury, death, even death of dreams, or those we love.

I know this is not just a an accident that you or I am alive this day. I know that you and I were created, called into existence by this great God that we might know Jesus. Nothing else matters. Nothing.

And through the long wait of Sabbath rest, I will not tire singing his praise. I will not grope in the darkness of depression, not sure. For 2000+ years ago, the answer was given.

All who call his name, prepare the way!! Prepare the way for Jesus.
I hope he tarrys another years so we can take this wonderful news to the world.