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Past Updates

Mar 19, 2007
a Fabulous Week

I had a fabulous week. I hope you did.

First I met with a group in New York who are ready to go forward to seek and find their purpose. It was an exciting time. People of faith stepping up and out.

Then a quick trip to Pennsylvania to work with another group who are “tired, burnt out, frustrated, with little hope”. After a few days we had a great worship celebration. Fifteen people went to the altar to recommit their lives to Christ. The pastor of that church led a long time member to deeper faith. The wind began to blow back in their sails, the ship is moving. The worship was, well filled with the Holy Spirit and lives were changed!

Then across town to a congregation I worked with a few years ago. I got to worship in their new Family Life Center. They were packed (well above the 80%) rule. And the worship was inspirational and transformational. Soon their newly renovated sanctuary will be open and worship/transformational opportunities will abound.

In ten minutes I will meet with a pastor of another “turnaround” congregation. He’s only been there 8 months but they are given new life to so many people. Adult baptisms almost weekly, youth dedicating their lives, children growing in faith, running out of room.

So why I am I telling you this?

Because this can be your story too!
You can find greater faithfulness and effectiveness in your work and life. You can find a meaning and a purpose you never knew.

Now the hard part.
The first church—is landlocked, out of room and money.
The second has pastor who just got back from Iraq where he has seen things humans should not see, experiencing the life and death of friends and comrades.
The third church was almost done with renovations when fire hit.
The Fourth church has had many people afriad of growth, attack the leadership and hope to keep the church small.
And I (like you) have been ground to pumice that I might be better able to walk with others similarly wounded.

Yet God has brought and is bringing:
oils of gladness from the ashes;
possibilities from the pain;
wonder from the confusion, and purpose from malaise.

So, yes you can have this too. But it might cost you everything. I mean everything.

Watch the clip “whole hearted” from sermon spice. Then answer the question, “are you really willing to give your all, your very best?”

It is worth it.