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Mar 16, 2008
Preparing for Holy Week

Most Christians and almost all Congregations will waste Holy Week pretending that all the time they spend inside their sanctuaries will accomplish something for the Kingdom. I know, tough words. But are they true?

Of course there are those who argue that all that time together accomplishes something. But what? Mostly it feeds our co-dependency needs and it helps continue the illusion that we pay people to be spiritual for us.

But how does it help “release the captives, give the poor good news, restore sight to the blind or proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor?”

Something is wrong with this picture.

We spend all this time remembering what we should not forget.
We spend all this energy (like at Christmas) deluded that might change a life (and if it did/does, more power to you.)

What if this holy week (remember Seth Godin says you can’t complain with offering a solution) you skip one meeting at church and spend some time with people who are “poor, captive, blind (ill, disadvantaged in either/both physically and spiritually), or spend some time telling people the wonderful news of Easter, namely, that God really loves us unconditionally and Easter is the proof.

God so loved the world that he opened his arms wide (try it and you see) for all humankind, unconditionally. Perhaps that might prepare us for more than Holy Week, might even prepare us for life.

That sounds dangerous.