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Mar 14, 2019
The Old is passing away....A new Wave is coming

Since I believe the church in the United States, is dying or almost dead, I believe a resurrection is necessary. There can be no life if the church is left dying, dead, hopeless, and lifeless. So I pray for resurrection and I believe new life will come to the church in North America. The new wave of revival for the church is a mighty wave which once started in the US, and pushed the Love of God all across the world. The water has seemingly left the shores of the US and many of us see that all that is left is the junk and trash. The vital life giving water is almost completely gone. But the returning wave is coming although it is being resisted mightily by the social justice, left leaning, Scripture hating powers in many congregations. At the same time the transforming power of God denied. The North American Church has by and large become a stagnant pond, scummed over.

Let me be clear here...this death is the result of the loss of passion in the body of Christ caused, I believe by the prostitution system which the church in America (and other places) have embraced. We have paid the whores to do it all, allowed the pimps to run the show, and screwed the johns for 200 years or more. The resultant laziness, apathy, Orwelling news speak that dominates the church is algae, suffocating the life of Christ.

However the missional wave is returning, a tsunami of Gods grace, wiping out the existing death and bringing new life. Everything you think you know about church and living for Jesus is going to change. The old will pass away…behold all things will be new…. You can witness this wave in Africa, Asia and in a few places in the West…

I don’t think we can retain the current system and live. The system is death. “You cant serve God and Mammon”. And don’t give me that crap that “the workman is worth his hire” or “don’t muzzle the ox” to mean anyone should be paid to live for Jesus. Paul said, “i thank God I took nothing from any of you.” And tell me about Jesus and his salary, his pension and housing benefit, let alone his transportation fund or educational fund, or clothing budget to dress as some weirdo. It’s not there. Paul made tents. When they took offerings it was for the widows, the orphans, the oppresseds....not for the heat or the new cafe in the greeting hall of the new $50,000,000 arena.

I don’ think we can have paid Christians. Ever. I don’t think we need paid secretaries, janitors, directors of Unchristian education, youth leaders, Organists, bands, or pastors. I do think we can stop paying salaries and raising money for buildings (which soon will be taxed to death) and use that money to pay for those tent makers all across the US, Canada and the world, who hold down a real job and still need support for the widows, orphans and the oppressed. Ive been doing this for over 10 years. And the results are wonderful. I have seen people raised up to follow Jesus, many who live in places where it is dangerous and sometimes deadly to live for Jesus. These uneducated, simple, hard working people, who are willing to go and die for Jesus have made more of a impact in a short time, than Ive ever seen a church/congregation in the US make in 20 years. Recently I spent 10 days with 12 people who literally went village to village with the wonderful news of God’s love. We saw almost 100 people make a commitment to follow Jesus, baptized 27 adults, and saw many people healed by God’s power. That commitment number is about the same for a 10 year period of most main line congregations. That’s right, what we did in 10 days, takes the average congregation 10 years to accomplish.

When you pay a man or woman to be your whore, you really don’t ever grow. It’s like mommy or daddy doing everything for you. Imagine your children and where they would be if you did that for them their entire life. They would be dependent on you (dependency breads hatred). And they would be unable and therefore unwilling to do anything. Most congregations lament that 20% of the people do 90% of the work. Actually its worse than that. The paid staff does 95% of the work, and about 5% of the people do the other 5% of the work. As the congregation attracts more people, more staff is hired to do more. Eventually the people are like those cartoon folks in the movie (it) who don’t even walk anymore. Fat, lazy, fed and watered automatically, they reside in comfy chairs and do nothing. Fat cows of Bashan comes to mind. And the result of this??? Despair. So too in the church, equipping people for their ministry will never get going while you pay people to do their ministry for them. Serving mashed potatoes at the turkey supper is not ministry. It is a waste of your life, a whoring of your life to raise money, for the lazy and the intentionally deaf, dumb, blind and lame.

The eternal childhood of the believer (not my creation, heard it years ago, can’t remember who said it) is fostered by this prostitution system. More on that next time.