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Mar 14, 2005
Getting Ready for Easter

You are about to enter the most difficult time of year. HOLY WEEK. What could be the most meaningful time of the year is often the most exhausting.

So what can you do to make Easter a an enjoyable event?

First, pray more. Cancell all the meetings and spend time praying with your family, your core leaders. Hold special times of prayer each day.

Second, plan. Plan out the next two weeks. Plan for time off. Plan for the undexpected. Crisis, death, car accidents--they just happen.

Third, take two days off.

Fourth, take four hours each week for a "get away".

Fifth, encourage your staff to make time for their own Spiritual needs.

Sixth, fast a day or two.

Seventh, finish the planning for Holy Week by Friday this week.

Eighth, Give your support staff extra help-recruit it this week. Extra services next week (Thursday, Friday, Sunrise and worship on Sunday) will stress them out.

Ninth, empower your laity for their ministry, focusing on those who will be visiting with you in these days. Thursday night's service will have the most people in need of Jesus, only if your laity invite them.

Tenth, Make sure what you are going to say and how you are going to say it are the best you have to offer this week. Easter is the highlight of the Christian year, it is only a slight bump in the secular world, so on Easter Sunday how can you help your people experience the unconditional love of God in Jesus?