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Mar 11, 2007
Time Change, LIfe Change

Yesterday was a powerful day. A day that changes life, changes time. My family and I attended the memorial service of a 18 year old woman of faith. Eighteen, same age as my daughter. So many similarities, so many things in common. At 18 this woman was already a missionary, spreading light, life, smiles, love (God and her own). My daughter knew her, we only knew her briefly as a home schooled (like our own) child who was full of life.

The service was, well how would you say it, well done, nice, it was her. The pastor talked about the right things. He asked the "WHY" screaming in our hearts and told us he did not know why and would never know why, and some how just asking it out loud made it okay.

At the end of the service and older gentleman stood and spoke softly, confidently, pointedly. He asked, if it weren't out of order, who would take her place as a missionary? Who would pick up where she had left off. He said, apologetically that if there were more time he would call all would respond forward to crowd the front of the church as those who "answer the call". But there wasn't time he said, apologetically.

I think he had his pulse on God's hand and will. I think there was time, I think that even though we turned the clocks forward and "lost" an hour, there is always time for renewed commitment, for setting our face toward Jerusalem, for giving "our very best, our all."

Time changes. LIfe changes. Sometimes we are better for it, sometimes worse, this time, both.

Thanks Olivia.