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Mar 07, 2017
Back From India

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus.

I have returned from my recent trip to India and thought I would address a short letter to you for your prayerful consideration. It is my hope you are well, that the blessings of God are upon you and that you are enjoying life, liberty and health.

In n India, I witnessed a country that is exploding, in both good and terrible ways. One million people turn 18 years old here each day. The population will exceed China in a few years. The cities are huge and ever expanding. The need for education, training, food, water, and sustainable power systems is lagging behind demand. The major building material is brick, from wood fired kilns in local towns and villages. The major cooking fuel in the area I am visiting is also wood. The result is a heavy smog every day, every where. The drought is prolonged here and the water from underground wells is rapidity being used up. And there are huge issue with currency and the government structure. Not to mention the Moa terrorist that blew up the road we were traveling, or the vast number of 18-25 year old men with no occupation or home. Thirty five per cent of the population is under eighteen years of age.

But in most states in India there are an ever growing number of Christian people who are passionate about caring for the least and the lost. These men and women are committed to providing care for orphans, medical care to the ill, education to the children and youth, and hope for the masses.

In India, education is a huge ladder out of poverty. The younger generations will be the future of India. By joining with the groups we work with in India we are able to reach this younger age group. It is to this outreach that I am most drawn.

If you could have been with me in India you would have seen over 100 children gathered at the school we (you and I) built last year. (Hiramandalam) Most are under 8 years of age. Pictures in the email. The school is almost out of room, and next year enrollment will put it over the edge. We have expansion plans built into the project. We can build another story and finish the office space for just a bit more than we raised last year. We also have the opportunity to purchase half an acre of land adjoining the school which would allow for greater expansion.

If you would have been with me you would have seen over 2000 children of all ages lined up, preparing for school today at Kallata or last week in Khorda. They sing, pray, hear the important news, pledge allegiance to their country and pay respect to their teachers and all adults. The Carmel Schools have a tremendous reputation for excellence, propelling many of their students forward to college and graduate degrees. Children who attend these school get a fabulous, world class education, including proficiency in science, language (including English), sociology, math and moral development. The reputation is top notch and that means that more students are seeking admission to the Carmel schools.

I wish I had time and space to tell you the full story of the work here in Andrea Praedish and Odisha. I could talk for hours about the orphans at the schools and how eager they are to please and grow. Or we could focus on the very poor and destitute or those living in the leper colony, the sick and needy, the mountain villages who have responded to Christ, the homes for boys and girls, the young families who have surrendered their goals for wealth and fame, answering God's call in their lives to teach and live with the students.

Thank you for taking time to read this,

I'd love to take you with me to India, next time. Perhaps November 2017.

I am going to ask you to begin to prayerfully consider another gift for the school at Hiramandalam in the near future.

Thank you ahead of time for praying!

shine bright


if you get the chance pick up the book Dangerous by Caleb Bislow.

email me if you want pictures (