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Mar 06, 2005
Do You Need An Intervention?

Each week I try to post something here that will help you as you push forward in your ministry. It is my passion that congregations and lives are transformed by Jesus Christ. One of the ways your ministry can excel (and your people will grow to be the people God has called them to be) is by taking a close look your congregation. Below is an email I got this week from a congregation I worked with in February 2005. This kind of transformation is possible in your congregation too. If you are interested, email me ( or call me 570-435-3324. jhp

Dear Jeff,

God is doing great things since you left....well it started while you were here. The worship Sunday was nothing like we ever had before. I used the authority God has given me. We removed the spirit of distraction and started focusing on our Mission...TLC...Transforming Lives in Christ (TLC). So many of us have been in constant prayer. Some are fasting. The worship was an Acts 2 experience. Ray and Marion were overflowing with joy. Marion's vision of an alabaster box was open and the sweet fragrance of the spirit filled the place. I never preached like this before. Dave (one of our guitarist - a very quite person) said he was just overwhelmed as he looked out at the people. He said that they looked different....more peaceful and joyful. He said he saw like a mist or light cloud hovering over the people. The Spirit filled the place. I believe that some people turned their lives over to Christ for the first time. People were in tears afterwards. Those who were already committed were now dedicated beyond belief. People called it a "break-through" of TLC for God.

Thank you for helping me discover the authority that God has entrusted to me. It is something I never experienced.

The victory is won, the battle has began.

Keep shining bright!


I forgot to tell one little miracle. Kathy (secretary/treasurer) said that going into this last weekend we needed $4000 to pay the bills that were pressing. A good Sunday offering would be around $2,000. The offering for the Sunday when you left was $4,800!