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Mar 05, 2013
The Bible

Great to see the History Channel's mini-series on the Bible. While it was, in my opinion, a bit like a bad "Cliff-Note" version of the Bible, it was at least a chance for some who never have read the Book to have a chance to hear the stories. The acting wasn't great, but I could see using this mini-series at a local sports bar or somewhere with a TV as an opportunity to talk to people about life and faith..

So do yourself a favor…watch this show. Its not perfect or fabulous, but it is a great chance to have a conversation.

And in this day of diminishing hope, economic confusion, total mistrust of each other (from the top down), it might be a worthwhile thing to focus on eternal matters for just a few weeks..

Glad the world didn't come to an end, yet….

See you later…going to go read the Bible…@ Starbucks...